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Screen&Camera Kits


Name:Screen&Camera Kits
Model:KE-SC009rearview screen


Detailed Product Description:

Products Name: KE-SC009rearview screen


- 4.3" color TFT LCD monitor, compatible with both PAL and NTSC video system, and easily mount on the dashboard;
- Two video modes (V1 for DVD player/ V2 for backup camera), V1 displays in priority, automatically switch to V2 once it gets rearview video signal;
- Waterproof license mount backup camera with HD 1/4” color CMOS (PC1030) imager, 120 degree wide viewing angle macro lens with 'mirror' image;
- 7 infrared LED's night vision, distance scale lines built in with trapezoid electronic ruler function, 3ft every interval;


- Screen Size: 4.3 inch
- Display Size: 4:3
- Resolution: 640 x 480
- Color Model: RGB
- Video System: PAL/NTSC
- Power Supply: DC 12V
- Power Consumption: 2W
- Operation Temperature: 0 ~ 70
- Unit Dimensions: 5"W x 3.46"H x 0.98"D

1. Mount the camera on the license plate, and fix it with the existing screws
2. Connect the wireless transmitter with the camera, yellow (RCA video connector) to yellow, red (power connector) to red.
3. Connect the power line on the transmitter to the DC 12V reverse lamp power line, red wire to positive end, black to GND. Fix the transmitter and cables with rubberized fabric.
4. Mount the monitor on the dashboard.
5. Connect the wireless receiver to the monitor, yellow (RCA video connector) to yellow.
6. Connect the power cable that comes with the monitor to the monitor’s red power cord.
7. Connect the power line of the monitor and receiver together to the DC 12V reverse lamp power line, red wire to positive end, black to GND. Fix the receiver and the cables with rubberized fabric.
8. To test the backup system, please switch on the reverse gear. If it doesn’t work, please take a double check of the wire connection.

- The white connector on the monitor is for the DVD player; do not connect it with the receiver.
- As the system is mainly designed for backing-up, we don’t recommend powering it with a living battery.

What's in the box
1x 4.3" TFT LCD Car Monitor
1x Power Cable
1x Rear View Camera
1x Transmitter
1x Receiver
1x Installing Diagram Instruction

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